Resize or move your logo in PDF

    Kwanti updates February 24, 2015 Link

    The size and position of your logo on the PDF cover page can be changed easily.

    In Portfolio Lab’s PDF window, place your mouse over the logo to reveal the editor box. Then, use the drag bar to move or the corner handles to resize. Your new logo position and size will apply to all portfolios.


    In an upcoming release, the move/resize functionality will be extended other elements of the PDF cover (author, title, client name).

    Visit us at TD Ameritrade Conference, San diego Jan 28-30

    Kwanti updates January 19, 2015 Link


    Kwanti will attend the TD Ameritrade conference conference in San Diego, Jan. 28-30.

    Visit us on the exhibit floor, booth #4K34 where you can see demos (including Portfolio Lab’s integration with Veo) and discuss Kwanti’s roadmap for future improvements.

    Learn more about Kwanti’s integration with TD Ameritrade Veo.

    The art of the Samurai Benchmark

    Kwanti updates January 15, 2015 Link


    The art of samurai benchmarks” is our latest article as published in Financial Advisor Magazine.

    Are your benchmarks in order? This article covers rules to select and apply appropriate indices for your investments.


    Beyond the S&P500

    Kwanti updates November 5, 2014 Link

    It is easy to forget that the choice of benchmark plays an important role in calculating risk-adjusted performance metrics such as alpha, beta, the information ratio, up/down capture ratios and more.

    The S&P500 index (a benchmark for US large cap equity) is the industry-wide default benchmark, but it may not be appropriate for your investments and portfolios. For example, you may prefer a total market index, or a specialized index.

    In Portfolio Lab, you can change the index to be used as a benchmark for these ratio calculations.


    In the Backtest/Stats view, click on the edit icon (pencil) at the right of the benchmark name, to assign an index of your choice, as show in the red circle above.


    Report configuration: holdings table

    Kwanti updates October 30, 2014 Link

    As you generate a proposal or report, you can easily customize the section describing the portfolio holdings:

    • Point-and-click the rows of the holdings table to change the order of the positions (sort alphabetical, by symbol, by weight).
    • Point and click the columns to specify which of shares, value, portfolio weight should be displayed for each position.


    In addition, the edit columns function allows changing the portfolio hypothetical value (in case this is a model portfolio) to something different than the default value, to  tailor the proposal to your client’s situation.


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