Every year, the wealthtech industry waits with anticipation for the updated version of the T3 & Inside Information Advisor Software Survey

Researched, compiled, and written by industry titans Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Veres, the Software Survey gives a look at how the technology companies who serve financial advisors rank based solely on advisor input.

This year, Kwanti again placed well in two categories: Investment Data & Analytics, and Economic Analysis & Stress Testing.

2020 T3 Advisor Software Survey Results

No matter the ranking, it’s an honor to be included as one of the most-used analytics platforms among financial advisors in the Software Survey. 

This year’s survey, though, demonstrated exactly why we put such a commitment to listening to the advisors who subscribe to Kwanti and taking their feedback seriously when building the system.

In Investment Data & Analytics, Kwanti came in as the fourth-most used tool, and our user rating was second only to Bloomberg Terminal—beating out all three investment analytics tools with higher market share. In the top four by market share, Kwanti is the only tool that increased its market share since 2019.

Likewise, we again received the second-highest user rating in Economic Analysis & Stress Testing tools, coming in just behind Bloomberg Terminal. 

In both categories, Kwanti was one of the highest-ranking tools named by advisors who are considering adding an analytics solution to their firm over the next year. 

Top 5 Reasons Advisors Are Choosing Kwanti

Our user ratings and market share placement in both categories confirmed what we hear from the advisors who subscribe to our system every day. 

We believe there are 5 main takeaways that explain why more and more advisors are choosing Kwanti for their investment analytics. 

We’re focused

While other systems may be like a Swiss Army knife, providing a lot of tools and only doing each adequately, Kwanti is built with one purpose in mind. We specifically designed our software to help advisors make better investing decisions with strong quantitative analysis.  

We listen

It’s pretty simple, really; we listen to our advisors. When they send in recommendations for how to make our platform better, we take those into consideration and often make their suggestions a reality. At Kwanti, providing excellence in client service is always our number one priority.

We’re easy to use

Complex analysis shouldn’t require a complex operating system. The heart of Kwanti is a fast-to-learn and easy-to-use interface. Some analytics solutions require weeks of training, but advisors can get set up and use Kwanti in minutes after signing up for a free trial.

We’re comprehensive

Our simple-to-use user interface sits on top of a battle-tested analysis engine. We let advisors run thousands of variables to analyze risk, expenses, performance, sector concentration and much more so they can provide actionable and informed recommendations to their clients.

We care about data quality

Investment analysis is only as good as the data it’s based on, and we’ve built Kwanti from the ground up to take advantage of the highest quality data. Advisors can connect data feeds directly from major custodians or import data from our partners so they know they’re always working with up-to-date information.


We are thrilled to see how advisors rated us in this year’s T3 Advisor Software Survey, and every day we are putting in more robust features and tools to make the Kwanti platform even better by the time the 2021 survey comes out.

Want to see how fast you can start providing better recommendations with high-quality investment analysis? Sign up for your free Kwanti trial now.