We’re always looking for ways to improve and enhance the Kwanti platform. One of the ways is through integrations with other best-in-class advisor technology platforms.

One of our most powerful integrations is coming to you in the april 2020 product update. We’re adding an integration with Addepar so you can more seamlessly do a deep dive into your client’s portfolios.

Who is Addepar?

Addepar is a wealth management technology platform for registered investment advisors, family offices, and private banks. Since 2009, the company has provided firms with data aggregation, portfolio management services, and goals-based analysis.

You can learn more about Addepar here.

What You Can Do with the Kwanti / Addepar Integration ?

Our integration with Addepar allows advisors who use the Addepar system to automatically sync client households and associated accounts to the Kwanti platform.

Through this one-way sync from Addepar to Kwanti, you can get advanced portfolio analytics on any client portfolio in minutes. Once you link your client portfolios, the full power of the Kwanti platform is available for client reporting, allocation and risk analysis as well as Kwanti’s model portfolio management, so you can make more informed investment decisions and communicate them to the clients through an elegant interface.

After linking portfolios for the first time, Kwanti will automatically sync position data every day so you can perform analysis without worrying about taking time to check for updates. There’s no need to manually transfer or import data between systems ever again, eliminating the potential for errors.

How to the Integration Works

To set up the integration with Addepar, please contact support@kwanti.com for instructions. This one-time step is quick.

Once activated, your Addepar clients/account list is available within Kwanti.

Click Import->Addepar to access and search the client list as shown below. In a matter of minutes you’ll be performing deep analytical reviews of all the clients you serve and keep in Addepar!


You can always find the portfolios syncing from Addepar on your main Kwanti Analytics screen. Each account will be represented by an Addepar logo in the “Type” column.


If you’re a Kwanti user already and also use Addepar, sign in here to get started and add this integration right away. There’s no additional cost to you.

Not a Kwanti user? Click here to start a free trial and see how our integrations can make your days more productive.