Portfolio Lab app for Android tablets

androidPortfolio Lab for Android tablets is released and available at no extra charge to Kwanti subscribers. The application can be installed from the Google Play app store. It is optimized for tablets 10″ and higher.

Portfolio Lab for Android presents the same user interface as our desktop version so you can easily switch from one to the other. It features most of the features of the desktop version such as portfolio comparisons, allocations, risk analysis and more through dozens of interactive charts and graphics. With Portfolio Lab for Android you gain instant mobile access to your portfolios and an elegant way to communicate with your clients!

Kwanti is now integrated with Veo®

kwanti veo integratedKwanti’s Portfolio Lab, a cloud-computing based portfolio analytics and client acquisition solution, is now integrated with Veo®, TD Ameritrade Institutional’s powerful account management and trading platform. Within Portfolio Lab, advisors can now seamlessly access critical Veo client data such as balances and positions, and use Veo client data to create detailed analytics and customized client reports.

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Agile Analytics

t3-logoby Christophe Gauthron
Reprint from T3 newsletter, June 2013

Cloud based computing and mobile access enabled a new breed of software technology for financial advisors. This article focuses on portfolio analytics and shows how legacy platforms with clunky interfaces are giving way to cost-efficient, agile applications.

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Fund expenses

Mutual funds, closed-end funds and ETFs have a percentage of assets deducted periodically to cover the fund’s expenses.

With Portfolio Lab, you can keep track of the overall expense for the portfolio and rank funds by their expense ratio.

The overall portfolio expense is measured by the average expense ratio. This average is asset weighted, i.e. the fund with the highest position value in the portfolio have the most impact in the average expense ratio.

The estimated expenses is the estimated amount of annual expenses for all fund positions in the portfolio. As for other views in Portfolio Lab, you can take a snapshot of the chart or export the data to Excel.


The expense ratio for each fund is also displayed in the Asset Profile view:


Integration with TradePMR

We are pleased to announce our integration partnership with TradePMR. TradePMR provides Brokerage and Custody services to Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs).

Advisors affiliated with TradePMR can link their accounts into Portfolio Lab. A linked portfolio has its positions imported automatically, giving instant access to analytics.

Instructions for enabling the link

  1. In TradePMR eCustody, go to Settings -> Partners
  2. Select Kwanti from the list
  3. Click Register
  4. Send a mail to support@kwanti.com, indicating your rep code(s).