Kwanti Adds Fidelity Investments and WisdomTree to Growing Model Marketplace

Kwanti, a leading provider of portfolio analytics technology for financial advisors, announced today that it has added model portfolios from Fidelity Investments and WisdomTree to the Kwanti Model Marketplace. Models from both providers are available directly in Kwanti at no additional cost.

The integration brings 11 WisdomTree models to the platform along with 15 Fidelity models. The model portfolios offer a diverse set of strategies to advisors using Kwanti, allowing them to access portfolios that represent the entire spectrum of risk capacities and a variety of client needs and purpose-driven outcomes.

See the full press release here.

Integration Spotlight: Kwanti and Black Diamond

Looking for a way to improve the way you perform portfolio analytics for the client accounts you manage with the Black Diamond platform?

Our integration makes it simple to load all of the accounts and portfolios you manage in Black Diamond into the Kwanti system so you can start running advanced analysis on them in no time.

The integration is available to use right now. Here’s what you need to know about how to set it up, and why it will benefit your daily workflows.

Who is Black Diamond?

Black Diamond is a portfolio management platform for financial advisors and wealth managers that includes features like performance reporting, rebalancing, client billing, and client reporting. Black Diamond is part of SS&C Technologies.

You can learn more about Black Diamond here.

What You Can Do with the Kwanti and Black Diamond Integration

The Kwanti integration with Black Diamond gives you functionality to quickly sync your accounts and portfolios from Black Diamond to the Kwanti platform.

Setting up this integration can help streamline your workflow in two ways:

  • Eliminate the chance of error when manually updating information in Kwanti for accounts you manage in Black Diamond.
  • Run analytics immediately and quickly on any account, without having to take extra time to see if it’s updated first.

Once your integration is set up, you never need to link your two accounts again. Kwanti will pull updated portfolio position information daily and automatically.

In no time at all, you’ll be generating reports of performance and risk metrics and viewing detailed asset allocation for all your client portfolios.

As you equip yourself with this information, you’ll be able to make more informed, more unique recommendations for how to manage each client’s investment portfolio according to their needs and goals.

How to Get the Integration Started

You can set up the integration with Black Diamond in three steps.

Step 1

Click Import from the Kwanti action menu and select Black Diamond from the list, then click “Activate This Integration” on the next page and follow the instructions. 

Black Diamond

Step 2

You’ll be asked to sign into Black Diamond, which you’ll only need to do once.

Step 3

The final step allows you to choose portfolios or accounts, either one at a time or many at once. After your selections are complete click Import, and you’re done. In a matter of minutes you’ll be analyzing accounts at a deeper level than ever.

You can always find the portfolios syncing from Black Diamond on your main Kwanti Analytics screen. Each portfolio or account will be represented by a Black Diamond logo in the “Type” column.

If you’re a Kwanti user already and also use Black Diamond, sign in here to get started and add this integration right away. There’s no additional cost to you.

Not a Kwanti user? Click here to start a free trial and see how all of our integrations can make your days more productive.

SS&C Advent Black Diamond and Kwanti are separate, unaffiliated companies and they are not responsible for each other’s services and products.

PDF Custom Colors

You can now select any color for the PDF report cover page and headings. For example, you can pick a color that matches your firm’s branding and logo.

To select a color, click on Color Theme, then Custom as shown below:

Color Palette

Marketplace Spotlight: Kwanti and WisdomTree

Did you know that you can access a robust selection of institutional-quality model portfolios right from within Kwanti?

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added WisdomTree to our model marketplace. WisdomTree model portfolios are completely free to advisors to use.

When you use the Kwanti model marketplace, you can expand the investment solutions you offer to clients without increasing the time it takes to create new strategies. As more of the wealth management industry moves toward a focus on financial planning, a unique and robust model selection process can help you show your value and set you apart from other advisory firms.

In this article, we’ll give you the details about which WisdomTree models are available, and how to start using them immediately. 

Check out the details below.

Who is WisdomTree?

WisdomTree is a New-York based asset manager founded in 2006. The company is one of the largest ETF issuers in the world and pioneered the concept of fundamentally weighted ETFs. WisdomTree strategies provide investors with the potential for income, performance, diversification and other advantages through proprietary methodologies, smart structures or uncommon access.

You can learn more about WisdomTree here.

Which WisdomTree Models Are Available in Kwanti?

The Kwanti model marketplace now features nine models from WisdomTree, including:

  • WisdomTree Core Equity
  • WisdomTree Fixed Income
  • WisdomTree Aggressive Allocation
  • WisdomTree Moderate Allocation
  • WisdomTree Conservative Allocation
  • WisdomTree Endowment Model Portfolio – Moderately Aggressive
  • Global Multi-Asset Income Aggressive Allocation
  • Global Multi-Asset Income Moderate Allocation
  • Global Multi-Asset Income Conservative Allocation

Each model can be automatically imported and synchronized when you activate the WisdomTree integration. And if you missed it the first time, there is no cost to your firm to subscribe to and use any of these models.

How to Load Your WisdomTree Models

WisdomTree models are available to any advisory firm that subscribes to Kwanti. 

Follow these simple steps to activate the integration.

Step 1:

In the Kwanti application, click Import and select WisdomTree.


Step 2:

Read and acknowledge WisdomTree models terms of use (you only need to do this once).

Step 3:

Click on the models you want to import into your portfolio list and then click Save.

WisdomTree Models

That’s it! Your models are now available in the portfolio list and ready to be assigned to accounts.

Whenever you add a model from the Kwanti model marketplace, it will be viewable in your complete model portfolios list. You can then assign the model to any account as long as you remain a Kwanti subscriber.

If you’re a Kwanti user already, sign in here to get started and get started with adding WisdomTree models to your collection right away.

Not a Kwanti user? Click here to start a free trial and see how our model marketplace can enhance your ability to find the right strategy for each client portfolio.

Product Spotlight: Get X-Ray Vision with Detailed Holdings Analysis

If you’re like most advisors today, you likely see a lot of client portfolios composed primarily of mutual funds or ETFs. You probably even manage portfolios like those yourself.

Creating a portfolio built on these types of pooled investment vehicles is an efficient way for investors to invest, gain sector exposure, and diversify their investments.

But there’s also a hidden risk of investing in these types of funds. They can make a portfolio appear to be more diverse than it actually is if the same asset is hidden in multiple positions.

Today we’re taking a look at the all-new Holdings tab in Kwanti, which you can find under the Allocation menu. This new feature gives you X-ray vision into your mutual funds and ETFs so you can quickly and easily see where a portfolio may hold the same asset in multiple positions. 

Here’s how to access it and why it’s useful.

Getting Started with the New Holdings Feature

After you select a portfolio and click the Allocation tab, you’ll now see a new sub-menu called Holdings.

The top holdings in a portfolio are listed by weighting by default, but you can adjust the sorting behavior by simply clicking on a column header.

The amount of times an asset is held in a portfolio is shown in the Overlap column. Right away, you’ll know if an asset is being held in multiple positions or not. 

When you see an asset with a number higher than one, click on it to see the detailed breakdown on the right.

Holdings Analysis

In our example, we can see that Apple (AAPL) is held three times in this particular sample portfolio. It’s been purchased directly, and also has small positions in the Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI), and the DFA Core Equity Fund (DFEOX).

For even more detailed analysis of each position, click on a line item on the right-side to see more detailed analysis. This is a quick way to see a position’s price and return history, and risk and expense information.

Asset Profile

By clicking on Describe at the top of the screen, you can also get a quick view into the position’s top holdings as a whole.

Asset Profile Describe

In addition to searching holdings within a selected portfolio, you can also search holdings across your entire database and also edit holding information from within PDF reports.

Search Full Holdings

Navigate to the Allocation tab, then select Holdings to access a search bar on the right side of your screen. From here, you can search holdings across portfolios.

Search Holdings

Search Holdings Detail

Holdings Overlap in a PDF

When viewing a PDF report in Kwanti, click on the Holdings page to choose to show holdings overlap and include additional detailed information on your client reports.

How to Use the Holdings Feature in Your Portfolio Analysis

To provide the best financial advice to your clients, you need to know the level of diversification and amount of risk they carry.

But performing a top-line analysis of a portfolio’s holding doesn’t always give you the full picture.

By digging deeper and identifying where an asset is held in multiple positions, you can better determine when a client may be carrying additional risk they didn’t even know about. A seemingly diverse portfolio can quickly become anything but.

The new Holdings analysis gives you a quick way to know that you have your clients invested in the right way, and you can provide better recommendations as a result.

If you’re a Kwanti subscriber, you can log into the platform right now to try it out.


Not a subscriber yet? Sign up for your free 14-day trial to get started and get access to all of our portfolio analysis features immediately.