History extended to 25 years

The maximum history window for performance has been extended from 20 years to 25 years. This ensures that you can illustrate the late 90’s bull market and subsequent 2000 bear market.

In a future release, we plan to further extend the window to 30 years of history.

Blended Models

Create a blend of individual models with a weight assigned to each component model. For example, a blend of sleeves for different asset classes:

We designed this feature for maximum flexibility. You may:

  • Blend models created within Kwanti, or models imported from our integration partners.
  • Blend models that have their own history
  • Use a weighted average of fees from component models or overwrite this with a value for the blended model
  • Choose from many rebalancing strategies for the blend

To create a blend, click New in the application main screen, then select Blend:


Consult the documentation for details and a video tutorial

Favorite dates

When using specific dates for performance display, avoid repeating manual entry of these dates by using the favorites list.



To add/remove dates in the favorites list, make sure that Date is selected, then click on the down arrow at the right of the calendar as shown in the above picture.


Income and yield

Portfolio income is important for some clients. This analysis estimates the portfolio yield and the timing of portfolio distributions in the next 12 months.

  • Drill down to the income estimate and the yield detail calculation tables
  • Compare the income and yield of two portfolios or models
  • Include this analysis in the PDF proposal

Consult the documentation for details and a video tutorial

T3 2019 Software Survey: Kwanti ranks at the top in customer satisfaction

More than 5,500 members of the financial planning/investment advisory community participated in the T3 2019 Technology Survey. Across 20 different industry categories, Kwanti’s satisfaction ratings of 8.64 and 8.55 were among the highest recorded.


See the full survey here