Fintech TV interview: Kwanti for RIAs

Interviewed at the 2019 T3 Tech conference, Christophe Gauthron explains how Kwanti helps advisors with client acquisition and communication.


Indexes and blends added

Fixed income indexes were added from Bloomberg/Barclays:

– Barclays Global Aggregate
– Barclays Global Aggregate Hedged
– Barclays Global Aggregate ex-US
– Barclays Global Aggregate ex-US Hedged
– Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index
– Barclays US Corporate Investment Grade
– Barclays US Corp High Yield
– Barclays Municipal Bond Index
– Barclays US Treasury Index
– Barclays US Treasury 1-3 Year Index
– Barclays US Treasury 5-7 Year Index
– Barclays US Treasury 10-20 Year Index
– Barclays US Treasury 20+ Year Index

For meaningful portfolio benchmarks, we now provide blended indices:

– Blend US 10% stocks 90% bonds
– Blend US 20% stocks 80% bonds
– Blend US 30% stocks 70% bonds
– Blend US 40% stocks 60% bonds
– Blend US 50% stocks 50% bonds
– Blend US 60% stocks 40% bonds
– Blend US 70% stocks 30% bonds
– Blend US 80% stocks 20% bonds
– Blend US 90% stocks 10% bonds

These blends use the S&P500 TR Index for stocks and the Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index for bonds.
You can also build your own blends.

Other indices recently added:

– Shiller US National Home Price Index
– US Stock Market Confidence Individual
– US Stock Market Confidence Institutional

Importing model history

If you made allocation changes to your model over time, you can import the history of changes into Kwanti.

To get started, select Import->Portfolio with history from the application initial screen.

Using your provided history, Kwanti calculates the performance of the model based on the historical changes. The result is a more accurate illustration than using static weights, and you can leverage Kwanti’s numerous performance, charts and metrics for further analysis or PDF reports.

For example, visualize how positions are closed/replaced over time in the Value->positions chart:

The portfolio with history functionality is available to all subscribers at no extra cost. Note that this is available for model portfolios only.

To learn more, please read the documentation.

Rebalancing on client portfolios

Options to simulate rebalancing are now available on client portfolios. Previously, rebalancing was only available for model portfolios. Click on the Strategy selection box to select a rebalancing strategy.

Similarly to model portfolios, you can choose from:

  • Calendar rebalancing: yearly, quarterly, monthly
  • Trigger rebalancing: based on tolerance bands for each position

For more details, please read the documentation.

Stress Test Edits

The Stress Test view is a popular Kwanti feature. You can customize it to your needs:

  • create historical scenarios (choosing your own dates)
  • select which scenarios are shown

This is easily done! Simply click on Add Scenario, as shown here:

This customization also applies to the PDF proposal generation: configure which stress test scenarios are shown, and include your own custom stress tests.