Rebalancing on client portfolios

Options to simulate rebalancing are now available on client portfolios. Previously, rebalancing was only available for model portfolios. Click on the Strategy selection box to select a rebalancing strategy.

Similarly to model portfolios, you can choose from:

  • Calendar rebalancing: yearly, quarterly, monthly
  • Trigger rebalancing: based on tolerance bands for each position

For more details, please read the documentation.

Stress Test Edits

The Stress Test view is a popular Kwanti feature. You can customize it to your needs:

  • create historical scenarios (choosing your own dates)
  • select which scenarios are shown

This is easily done! Simply click on Add Scenario, as shown here:

This customization also applies to the PDF proposal generation: configure which stress test scenarios are shown, and include your own custom stress tests.

Fidelity link

We are pleased to announce that Kwanti has been approved as a Fidelity third-party vendor. Your client accounts at Fidelity can now be linked into Kwanti, eliminating the need to manually import data. [Press release]

Portfolio positions from Fidelity are synchronized daily into Kwanti, based on the previous day’s close. Note that only the latest positions are transferred (no history).

To activate this integration, please follow these instructions.

Easy portfolio grouping

Household views were previously available only for portfolios linked from our partners. The functionality has been extended to all client portfolios. You can even mix portfolios from different sources.

To group portfolios into a household view:

  • select New->Group from Portfolio Lab’s starting screen
  • select Components to designate the portfolios that are part of the group

A group portfolio can be recognized by the icon .

Learn more

Sharing imported assets

One of Portfolio Lab’s most popular feature just got better!

Importing assets with their history is used:

  • for assets not available in Kwanti’s database (for example, non publicly traded assets)
  • to present a proprietary strategy

It is now easy to share this imported data between advisors in your firm (assuming a multi-license setup). This way, only one import operation is necessary, and the imported data seen by advisors is synchronized automatically.

To share an imported asset with other advisors, use the ‘Shared’ setting in the list of uploaded assets:

Read more about this enhancement.