Sharing imported assets

One of Portfolio Lab’s most popular feature just got better!

Importing assets with their history is used:

  • for assets not available in Kwanti’s database (for example, non publicly traded assets)
  • to present a proprietary strategy

It is now easy to share this imported data between advisors in your firm (assuming a multi-license setup). This way, only one import operation is necessary, and the imported data seen by advisors is synchronized automatically.

To share an imported asset with other advisors, use the ‘Shared’ setting in the list of uploaded assets:

Read more about this enhancement.

Riskalyze integration


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Riskalyze. Make your client portfolio reviews more efficient and create compelling proposals by using Riskalyze with Kwanti. With this integration, you can:

  • Analyze your Riskalyze client portfolios in Kwanti, using drill-down allocation
  • Analyze your Riskalyze models in Kwanti using hypotheticals, benchmark, rebalancing
  • Create Riskalyze models from Kwanti models

Read more about this integration.

Portfolio Pathway integration


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Portfolio Pathway. With this integration, data from accounts in Portfolio Pathway is automatically linked and refreshed daily into Kwanti, eliminating the need for manual import.

Read more about this integration.

Orion integration


We are pleased to announce two integration points with Orion:

  • Orion client portfolios and models can be imported and automatically synchronized into Kwanti
  • Single sign-on Kwanti app is available in Orion Connect

Read more about this integration.

UI improvements

The latest release of Portfolio Lab added several commands and options:

1. Asset button to directly access the profile of stocks, funds, ETFs:


2. Previous quarter option (in global settings):


3. Show/Hide date in the PDF report:


4. When searching assets, the results are broken down by asset type:


We hope you find these improvements useful. As always, your feedback is welcome!