Position return analysis

Drill-down the source of portfolio return:

  • Best/worst performers
  • Contributions to portfolio return

From the Performance tab, click on the magnifier icon next to the portfolio return, as shown below:


The position return analysis is available for both model and client portfolios.

Learn more about Portfolio Lab’s position return analysis.

Two-step authentication

Two-step authentication provides increased security for your Kwanti account. This additional security is optional and you can enable it in your Account security settings. When enabled, you sign-in to Kwanti in two steps:

  1. You enter your username and password
  2. If valid, Kwanti sends a 6-digit code by SMS to your mobile phone. You enter this code in the Kwanti login interface as shown below:


Since the sign-in requires a secret code sent to your mobile phone, it is much more difficult for an attacker to break into your account even if they guess your password.

Don’t ask for codes on this computer !

You may find it inconvenient to enter a code every time you sign in to Kwanti. If this is the case, we recommend checking the box ‘Don’t ask for codes on this computer’ – assuming your computer is in a safe location such as your office. You will retain the main benefit of two-step authentication, which is protection from remote attacks.


Morningstar indexes

Our index lineup now includes 100 of the most useful Morningstar indexes:

  • Style indexes such as US Value/Growth; US Large/Mid/Small cap
  • Sector indexes such as Real Estate, Financials, Energy…
  • International indexes: Global Markets, Asia, Europe, Emerging markets

For indexes in Portfolio Lab, use ticker symbols starting with ‘$’.

A partial list of the new indexes is shown below. All indexes are Total Return indexes.

  • Morningstar Asia
  • Morningstar Asia Pac
  • Morningstar Asia Pac xJpn
  • Morningstar Asia xJpn
  • Morningstar Australia
  • Morningstar China
  • Morningstar DM Americas
  • Morningstar DM Asia Pac
  • Morningstar DM Asia Pac xJpn
  • Morningstar DM Europe
  • Morningstar DM Europe xUK
  • Morningstar DM Large-Mid Cap
  • Morningstar DM
  • Morningstar DM xNA
  • Morningstar DM xUS
  • Morningstar EM Americas
  • Morningstar EM Asia
  • Morningstar EM Europe
  • Morningstar EM
  • Morningstar Europe
  • Morningstar Eurozone
  • Morningstar France
  • Morningstar Gbl Mkts
  • Morningstar Gbl Mkts xUS
  • Morningstar Germany
  • Morningstar Japan
  • Morningstar Middle East & Africa
  • Morningstar UK
  • Morningstar US Basic Materials
  • Morningstar US Commun Svc
  • Morningstar US Consumr Cyclcl
  • Morningstar US Consumr Dfnsve
  • Morningstar US Core
  • Morningstar US Energy
  • Morningstar US Financial Services
  • Morningstar US Growth
  • Morningstar US Healthcare
  • Morningstar US Industrials
  • Morningstar US Large Cap
  • Morningstar US Large Core
  • Morningstar US Large Growth
  • Morningstar US Large Val
  • Morningstar US Large-Mid Cap
  • Morningstar US Large-Mid Growth
  • Morningstar US Large-Mid Val
  • Morningstar US Market
  • Morningstar US Mid Cap
  • Morningstar US Mid Core
  • Morningstar US Mid Growth
  • Morningstar US Mid Val
  • Morningstar US Real Estate
  • Morningstar US Small Cap
  • Morningstar US Small Core
  • Morningstar US Small Growth
  • Morningstar US Small Val
  • Morningstar US Small-Mid Growth
  • Morningstar US Small-Mid Val
  • Morningstar US Technology
  • Morningstar US Utilities
  • Morningstar US Value

Advyzon integration


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Advyzon.

Advyzon is an intuitive, cloud-based platform that combines portfolio management, flexible performance reporting and client portals, client relationship management (CRM), planning, and business intelligence.

Kwanti’s portfolio analytics are a perfect complement to Advyzon’s functionalities. With the Kwanti/Advyzon integration, your portfolios from Advyzon are automatically updated in Kwanti, eliminating the need for a manual, error-prone step.

To activate the Kwanti/Advyzon integration, sign in to Kwanti and select Integrations->Advyzon.


Portfolio Bond Style

Sensitivity to interest rates and probability of default are the dominant risk factors for bonds. Portfolio Lab quantifies these risks at the portfolio level and position level.

To display the analysis, select Allocation -> Bond Style


Duration is a measure of sensitivity to interest rates. It estimates the price gain or loss that would result from a 1% change in interest rates. For example, a bond with a duration of 5 will approximately loose 5% in value if interest rates rise 1%, and gain 5% in value if interest rates decrease by 1%.

The portfolio duration is a weighted sum of the positions durations. You may drill down to each position duration (for funds, the average duration of holdings is shown):

Duration by position

Credit quality indicates the probability of default. It ranges from AAA (high quality) to B (low quality). The portfolio credit quality is a weighted combination of the positions credit qualities. You may drill down to each position credit quality:

Bond credit quality

For more information on this analysis, please refer to Portfolio Lab’s user manual.