Custom asset allocation

A popular feature of Portfolio Lab is its ability to upload custom assets. This is useful if an asset is not in Kwanti’s database, but you have a record of the asset’s monthly, weekly or daily returns, that you wish to use.

As an enhancement, you now have the option to define the custom asset’s allocation. In the Asset Profile view, Allocation tab, select ‘Asset Class’, and click on the pencil icon as shown in the screenshot below:


A menu appears, allowing you to define the asset allocation for the asset. You can assign a single asset class to the asset, or assign a mix of asset classes by specifying a percentage for each.

Stock Region Allocation

The Stock Region analysis (found under the Allocation tab) summarizes the geographical weights of equities in the portfolio:



The weights for each region are calculated by aggregating the region weights of the portfolio constituents (funds, ETFs, stocks). For research, you may drill-down each region to uncover the contributions of each investment. You may also compare the regions of two portfolios.

The region view is optional in the PDF report. To add this view to the report, select Add Content -> Stock Region

Showing shares difference in portfolio comparison

When comparing portfolios in a PDF proposal, you may add a Difference column in the holdings table:


To add the Difference column, click on existing table columns. A menu appears, allowing you to configure the table.

You may also display the difference in weight or value.

Alternative asset class added


The Alternative asset class was added to the allocation view. This asset class comprises:

  • managed futures
  • long/short funds
  • market neutral funds
  • bear market funds
  • volatility funds
  • commodities

In the previous version of Portfolio Lab, these alternative funds were classified under equity or unclassified.


Black Diamond integration available

To analyze your Black Diamond portfolios and accounts, select Import->Black Diamond in Portfolio Lab’s main screen. Once activated, the integration is easy to use. A search function allows quick retrieval of data, as shown below:



  • eliminate manual entry or transfer of portfolio positions
  • access by portfolio or by account
  • optional: group accounts or portfolios

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