Kwanti at TD Ameritrade Institutional Conference, Feb 3-6


Kwanti will attend the TD Ameritrade Institutional conference in Orlando, Feb 3-6, 2016.

Visit us on the exhibit floor, Veo village booth #5 where you can see demos of Portfolio Lab’s integration with TD Ameritrade Institutional’s Veo® and discover Kwanti’s roadmap of future improvements.

Learn more about Kwanti’s integration with Veo.

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Asset History Import

If an asset is not available in Kwanti’s database and there is no satisfactory proxy to represent it, you can upload its history into Portfolio Lab.


Portfolio Lab imports the asset’s history from an Excel CSV file that either contains:

  • a list of dates and prices
  • a list of dates and returns

They can be monthly, weekly or daily records. Once imported, all of Portfolio Lab analytics and charts are available and the asset can be used in portfolios.


After import, you can edit the history by clicking on the pencil icon as shown above.


Asset proxies

Assets that are not available in Kwanti’s database – for example, individual bonds – can be assigned a proxy. The proxy can be any index, stock, ETF, or fund.


If there is no satisfactory choice for the proxy (for example, the asset may be an unlisted asset that does not correlate to any index or listed investment), an alternative is to upload the asset’s history of prices/returns.


Fund Description and Holdings

We added a ‘Describe’ command in the Asset Profile view, for mutual funds, ETFs and closed-end funds.


This displays the fund’s Morningstar category, the fund’s objective and the top holdings:


Stock Sectors in PDF

Stock Sector Analysis has been added to the PDF report. To add this section to the report, click on ‘Add Content…‘ in the PDF editor.