Two-step authentication provides increased security for your Kwanti account. This additional security is optional and you can enable it in your Account security settings. When enabled, you sign-in to Kwanti in two steps:

  1. You enter your username and password
  2. If valid, Kwanti sends a 6-digit code by SMS to your mobile phone. You enter this code in the Kwanti login interface as shown below:


Since the sign-in requires a secret code sent to your mobile phone, it is much more difficult for an attacker to break into your account even if they guess your password.

Don’t ask for codes on this computer !

You may find it inconvenient to enter a code every time you sign in to Kwanti. If this is the case, we recommend checking the box ‘Don’t ask for codes on this computer’ – assuming your computer is in a safe location such as your office. You will retain the main benefit of two-step authentication, which is protection from remote attacks.