Enhanced Integration with Advyzon
18 March 2024

We’re excited to unveil an enhancement to our existing integration with Advyzon that will streamline your workflow and elevate your analytical capabilities. Building upon our existing integration, we are delighted to introduce the ability to import models from Advyzon into Kwanti.

Until now, advisors have leveraged Kwanti’s deep analytics to analyze client accounts imported from Advyzon. With this latest development, advisors can now also import models directly from Advyzon into Kwanti. This means you can effortlessly bring over your meticulously crafted models from Advyzon into our sophisticated analytics platform.

We’ve gone further to empower you with the flexibility to not only analyze but also update these models within Kwanti itself. This functionality enables you to fine-tune your strategies, make informed decisions, and tailor your approach to meet your clients’ evolving needs—all from within Kwanti’s intuitive interface.

What’s more, any changes made to the models in Kwanti can seamlessly sync back to Advyzon, ensuring consistency across platforms and minimizing administrative overhead. This bidirectional synchronization ensures that your models are always up to date, regardless of where you make adjustments.

For those of you who have already constructed models within Kwanti, we have simplified the process even further. You now have the convenience of exporting your models directly into Advyzon from within the Kwanti interface. This seamless transfer eliminates the need for manual intervention, saving you valuable time and effort.

With these enhancements, we aim to empower you with greater efficiency, enhanced analytical capabilities, and seamless integration between Kwanti and Advyzon. We believe that by simplifying your workflow and providing you with comprehensive tools, you can focus more on what matters most—providing exceptional service and value to your clients.

You can read more details on the integration here. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and evolve.

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