Kwanti Introduces New Integration with Altruist
26 September 2023

Kwanti is proud to introduce a new integration with Altruist, a modern custodian built exclusively for RIAs that combines a self-clearing brokerage firm with intuitive software for account opening, trading, reporting, and billing – all in one streamlined solution. Accounts held at Altruist can now be linked into Kwanti, with portfolio data refreshed every night from Altruist to Kwanti.

Automatic Portfolio Synchronization

This new integration offers a frictionless experience to RIAs that want to pair Altruist’s digital account opening and trading with Kwanti’s powerful suite of portfolio analytics. Advisors now have at their fingertips an end-to-end system that will better showcase their value propositions, while driving workflow efficiencies and increasing capacity, scale, and productivity.

In addition, Kwanti’s intuitive interface makes it very easy to compare advisors’ user accounts, which they can now seamlessly import to models in Kwanti and access all the model management capabilities of our platform.

Historical Performance

You have the ability to view actual performance data that is reconciled daily for your Altruist accounts. Both positions and history are transferred – meaning that portfolio performance takes into account transactions and cash flows.

Account and transactions history starts from the date you activate the Altruist/Kwanti link and accumulates onward. We are planning an enhancement to retrieve history prior to the integration activation date.

How are returns calculated?

Returns are calculated using TWR (Time-Weighted Return) method and are net of fees (this assumes that fees are transacted from the account – you can verify this is the case by selecting the Performance->Log tab in the application).

Activate and Import

To activate the feed, select Integration->Altruist in the Kwanti application and then click ‘Activate’.

View more details in our documentation.

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