Raymond James and Kwanti Integration: What You Need to Know
25 October 2021

RIA firms looking to grow their business don’t always have the luxury of adding more staff members to handle the administrative or operational tasks that can consume an investment advisor’s time. 

Instead, they have to achieve efficiency in other ways.

One of the most effective ways to scale up your firm and improve efficiency is to make effective use of the technology integrations available to you.

While integration won’t solve every problem, it does equip your team with the ability to automate certain data information tasks that can be time-consuming and unproductive from a revenue standpoint. 

We’re excited to announce that for Raymond James advisors, you can now sync data for your Raymond James accounts directly to Kwanti.

Here are three ways this new integration will benefit you and help you keep your focus on growing your business. 

Say Goodbye to Manual Updates

Without automatic updates, maintaining data across technology platforms can be a struggle. You have to establish a dedicated “system of record” that should always serve as the single point of truth, and then dole out data from that system to all the others. 

This works in theory, but in practice it’s an inelegant solution. Depending on how much data your staff has to deal with, they could be spending multiple hours a day exporting files from one system to upload into any others that you have to maintain.

In investing and portfolio management, time is of the essence. Wrapping up daily data reconciliation between systems at noon each day isn’t optimal for anyone in the firm or for your clients.

Our Raymond James integration solves this by removing manual updates between systems. Every position for every account you have is automatically synced every day. 

You can get into the important work right away as soon as you log into your computer, and you won’t have to worry about data loss or manual errors because of someone accidentally typing in an Excel spreadsheet. 

Deliver On-Time Advice at the Right Time

When your data is always ready, you’re always ready.

When a client calls in with a question, they aren’t always satisfied with an “I’ll call you back.” Some questions need immediate answers. Swiveling from one application to another to try to find which one has the most up to date data for you to reference creates stress for you, and leads to anxiety for your clients.

Better client experiences are built on better data.  

Build Model Portfolios with Confidence

When growing your advisory firm, you can’t afford to waste time—and you can’t afford to do any task twice, especially an important one like building model portfolios.

If you’ve ever built a custom proposal for a new client or built an investment portfolio only to realize after you completed it that you were using days-old data, you know the sinking feeling that comes along with it.

Integrating your Raymond James accounts with Kwanti gives you complete confidence that every action you take in Kwanti is done with up-to-date information so you’ll never have to worry about an analysis misstep. 

How to Enable the Raymond James Integration in Kwanti

Setting up your Raymond James integration couldn’t be simpler.

Simply email support@kwanti.com to get started with linking your accounts. In no time you’ll be set up to synchronize data from Raymond James, including:

  • A full list of all active accounts
  • A positions list for each account

For current Kwanti users, there is no additional cost to use the integration. Just contact our Support team to get started. 

If you’re not a Kwanti user, click here to start a free trial and see how all of our integrations can give you the efficiency you need to keep your firm growing.

Raymond James and Kwanti are separate, unaffiliated companies and they are not responsible for each other’s services and products.

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