“I love Kwanti and they get better and better. They keep adding features and the reports are super simple for the client. When I just want to show somebody, this is what your portfolio looks like - like a prospect or just a quick review of investments in a client meeting - Kwanti is the absolute best."

Cathy Curtis, CFP®
Founder, Curtis Financial Planning
Oakland, CA

“I have been looking for a tool like yours for a long, long time”

Fidelity Investments Institutional Services

“I am really enjoying getting to know the platform. Extremely useful, intuitive and a very slick design. The import functions both with BlueLeaf and Excel are incredibly easy to work with as well.”

R. M., Financial Advisor,
Palo Alto, CA

“I’m thrilled to use Kwanti. I have other tools but they are slow and more difficult to use.”

Ryan F. Kavois
4WealthAdvisors, Orland Park, IL

“I love your service. I am in the strategic allocation business and find it simple to use and very comprehensive.”

D. C., Investment Manager in Philadelphia

“I really like your application. I have been using it everyday, and find it very helpful”

Vice-president/Portfolio Manager
Morgan Stanley, New York

“This has been my smartest expenditure as an advisor yet.”

S. S., LPL Financial Advisor,

"I have been using Kwanti to do portfolio research since founding my advisory firm, and have been very pleased with the tools they provide. There are some specific features of the tool which make it very useful for our firm, based on our money management strategy, and they have been constantly upgrading and adding new and better tools. It is far more cost effective than some of the other services on the market, and it's simplicity and ease of use make it especially attractive as a research tool for our firm. I would highly recommend it as a stand-alone tool for advisors, or as a complement to other tools you are already using."

Robert C. Henderson
President, Lansdowne Wealth Management, LLC

"Our team was looking for confidence while reviewing and building our various client portfolios. We found Kwanti to be the tool to give us exactly what we needed. It is an extremely easy platform and provides solid data that can be shared by using the cleanest professional reports out there. We are also using Kwanti in our prospecting efforts by showing potential clients diversification shortcomings in their current portfolios. The deep analytics that Kwanti provide are top-notch and plentiful. Finally, their support staff is always willing and efficient when answering any questions we have in a very prompt manner."

Bob Rall
Principal, Rall Capital Management

"Kwanti is a great tool for advisors; it gives you powerful research options and it is quite simple to use. Kwanti is also very good at listening to suggestions and updating the software with new features. This has far exceeded my expectations and is an incredible value when it comes to portfolio software."

James Harpst
President, Infresh Financial Network

"Compared to the complexity of other tools that we have historically used, we like the simplicity of Kwanti and its ease of use. It also has some very appealing features from an illustration perspective."

Allan Harkness
President, Peak Brokerage Services

“I use Kwanti all the time for testing portfolios, evaluating client existing positions and for client reviews.”

S. S., Financial Advisor
Wimington, MA

"You have a great tool. We thoroughly enjoy using your product and find it very useful for us and our clients."

Don L. Frugé Jr.
President, Oxford Investment Advisors, LLC

"Kwanti has quickly elevated itself to one of our top portfolio review and analysis tools!"

John Bochniak
Compass financial consulting, LLC

"By using Kwanti Portfolio Analytics and powerful visuals for our managed futures fund, we are able to increase exposure to investors."

Oren Kaplan
CEO, MFutures

"Your software ROCKS!!! I have been an advisor for 15 years and haven't seen anything close to your software. Its simplicity, responsiveness, robust data make it a must have for anyone in this business. Thanks for developing a great product."

Al Borrero, Investment Advisor
Orlando, FL

"In the course of my career, I have used many other systems for reporting. Kwanti is by far the best in terms of functionality and ease-of-use."

J.B., Investment Advisor
Buffalo, NY

"Your software has been the perfect solution for my RIA. The robustness of the data and analysis is awesome with Kwanti. I use this software both for my portfolio management and for client facing tools. Keep up the good work!"

Paul H., Investment Advisor
Bonita Springs, FL

"I want to share that after much due diligence of current systems, including many new players, your system is ideal. The detail and ease of portfolio construction and ability to easily view/focus on the important metrics/state, while creating simplicity for the end client in reporting/presentation is great."

Glenn B., Investment Advisor

"Kwanti offers a powerful set of tools enabling and promoting smart financial analysis and risk management by financial advisers. We use it constantly to test client portfolios. It is quick, effective, accurate, designed very well, and above all, it comes at an affordable price."

Gabriel Kaplan,
Derastone LLC, New York

"In building an advisor brand and concentrating on ETFs and CEFs the ease of use and comprehensive nature of Kwanti make it possible for a small office to have a world class portfolio analysis tool. I like the way the software uses efficient markets theory in simple, easy to understand charts. And of course, there is the price..."

Vince Walker,
Sound Retirement Advisors LLC

"Kwanti helped our firm to streamline its proposal process, to perform more efficient portfolio analysis, to keep our model portfolios up-to-date and to offer more accurate data analysis to clients."

Matthew J. Kelley
President, Gold medal waters Inc.

"I have been looking for something like this for ages! I'm in bliss now that I've found it. Nice, clean, well functioning, sophisticated tool. You've got me as a sub forever!"

Stewart Taggart

"I am with ****** and their platform is like trading on an old mainframe in Russia. Very kludgy, labor intensive and dangerous. I love your system!"

A financial advisor in California

"Kwanti is cost effective, intuitively intelligent and actionable. I use it to understand and properly structure investment portfolios for my clients."

G. K., Financial Advisor
Philadelphia, PA

"I really enjoy using Kwanti. It has helped me close several opportunities."

M. F., Financial Advisor
Hartford, CT

"It's the the best program I have for the money. I also have Morningstar workstation, emoney, hidden levers and many research products I pay for. Yours has the best graphics, responds the quickest and very useful for client facing as well as my own education."

P. L., Financial Advisor
North Carolina

"I love your service. I am in the strategic allocation business and find it simple to use and very comprehensive."

D. C., Investment Manager in Philadelphia

"I use Kwanti everyday. It has become a pillar of my practice."

J. B., LPL Financial Advisor

"This has been my smartest expenditure as an advisor yet."

S. S., LPL Financial Advisor

"When I first used Kwanti, it reminded me of the day I first used an iPhone. It is a revolution in the user experience for advisors!"

Bjorn – CFP, Financial Planner

Kwanti made a big difference in how we test ideas and models. Previously, we were using Excel for everything – and that was eating up all of our time and detracting from the ease and accuracy.

John Kosar, Asbury Research

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