The Most-Read Kwanti Blogs of 2020
31 December 2020

From a business planning perspective, the end of the year is always a good time to look back at what worked and what didn’t to chart a better path ahead.

This year has been one unlike any other, and we don’t know quite how different life will be in 2021, but one thing we do know is that advisors will play a critical role in helping to shape their clients’ perceptions of how well their finances are helping them to move forward in an uncertain time.

For today’s blog, we’ve assembled a list of our top 5 most-read blogs from the past year—most of which focus on ways that advisors can better engage with clients and keep them pointed in the right direction.

So while these posts were published in 2020, the topics they cover will still be relevant as head into a new year.

5. How to Win More Business with Kwanti Analytics

What It’s About:

Convincing more people to work with your firm is a constant concern for RIA owners, and there’s no shortage of advice about how to win more business. Most of today’s current advice centers on digital marketing strategies that can pull more people into your website, but once you get them in a meeting, we know that there are few ways to demonstrate your value faster than with a thorough portfolio analysis. This blog looks at how the analytics tools in Kwanti can help you close business, not just make investment decisions after a client has signed.

4. Get X-Ray Vision with a Detailed Holdings Analysis

What It’s About:

In-depth analysis doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process; in fact, it’s best if it’s not so you can move past your analysis stage and start taking action instead. Kwanti’s holdings analysis makes it easy for advisors to get an “x-ray” view of a portfolio to quickly identify asset correlation and find hidden risk that might not be so obvious in an account that holds mostly ETFs or mutual funds.

3. How to Talk to Your Clients About Weathering the Storm

What It’s About:

The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic had us thinking about ways to help advisors communicate with clients about the market volatility that few saw coming. While this blog was written with pandemic communication in mind, the recommendations are evergreen. Knowing how to show clients the long-term effects of staying invested, building diversified portfolios, and setting realistic expectations about performance returns are topics of conversation that never go out of style. Sometimes, events simply back them back to the forefront. 

2. Product Update: Folders are Now Available

What It’s About:

Not everyone organizes the same way, but nearly everyone has at least a unique way they like to organize their closet, kitchen, and yes—even their portfolio data. Our release of folders was one of more talked-about product updates in 2020, and this blog quicks a 60-second snapshot of why so many advisors asked for this feature. 

1. The One Thing Investors Want to Talk About More Than Anything Else

What It’s About:

Financial planning may be king in today’s advice-driven world, but investments are still the car that will drive your clients to their goals. Surveys among investors showed that while they do need to discuss goals and plans, talking about and understanding their investments is still their number one priority when it comes to a relationship with their financial advisor. This blog looks at why investment-driven discussions are important, and offers some tips for how Kwanti can accelerate those types of dialogues.

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